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Architect & Interiors India – November 2020

Furstenberg unveils comic-inspired series Meticulously handcrafted in Germany, each tumbler is one of a kind, pairing wafer-thin porcelain with gleaming gold, and is exclusively available at Sources Unlimited. The Sparkling 4 & Friends series from Sieger by Furstenberg can provide fantastic moments at home and at every party. The series includes 12 goblets that combine…

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Sieger by Fürstenberg

Vogue – December 2020

Vogue – December 2020, Vogue’s Christmas gift guide.

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Architectural Digest – December 2020

Locherber Milano by Sources Unlimited Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture, accessories and lighting solutions to the Indian market, has introduced a Christmas gifting collection of fragrances, diffusers and candles by Locherber Milano. These products are luxurious, aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for gifting! FÜRSTENBERG by Sources Unlimited FÜRSTENBERG unveils…

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Gold Penguin

Good Homes- November-2020

The new gold is all about muted and subtle glamour. Gone are the days when in-your-face lustre ruled our festive décor. And to commemorate this coming of age, here’s our curation of designs that go hand in hand with the new normal of intimate celebrations. These elegant forms reflect just that. They make excellent gifting…

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Most Illustrious

Acc High res images for brand pages

Utopia & Utlity Wall& Deco Victoria Wagner Mario Cioni Ouumm Pauline Betine Furstenburg Indegenus Christofle CC Tapis Bernardaud Bosa Alexa Lixfeld Baobab

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Good Homes - December 2020

Good Homes – December 2020

Blue is the colour of the sky and ocean. If we had to describe what blue meant to us, it would be a magnetic pull towards Zen mode. As we step into 2021, it’s time to put the year that was at rest and bravely venture into the unknown. While at work and play, colours…

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Femina - January 2021

Femina – January 2021

Arpita Bhandari On How To Create Your At-Home Space Using Furniture “As a design energist and a life strategist, I believe in a life-transforming theory known as the “Theory of Mind”. This is where, colours, forms and emotions play an integral part in designing or recreating a space,” says interior designer and space consultant, Arpita…

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Architect & Interiors India

Architect & Interiors India – January 2021

Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture accessories and lighting solutions to the Indian market, unveils an exclusive handmade rugs collection, Feathers, by CC – Tapis, a niche brand for iconic furnishing accessories based in Italy. Born in France, it has its creative mind in Italy, and produces contemporary rugs hand-knotted…

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Elle Decor

Elle Decor – January 2021

Bernardaud We’re crushing on the French Maison’s In Bloom series by Zemer Peled (see scroll above) for its hand-painted azure prints that are seen on every single piece of porcelain, including plates, cups, saucers and bowls. Available at Sources Unlimited.;  

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Architectural Digest – February 2021

Off late our homes are becoming more and more expressive. One of the most popular design elements in a home is the wallpaper which can instantly lift the overall look of the space, is easy to install and is available in multiple designs which suit different budgets and aesthetics. Although India is still a growing…

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