Made and manufactured in Italy with a history that goes back over a century, Giorgetti is well established for its dedication to the traditions of craft and beauty of raw materials. Combining the highest-quality artisanship with time-honored woodworking practices, Giorgetti creates unique furniture pieces that mix classical elegance with innovation.

Featuring the best of Italian craftsmanship, “Made in Italy” informs every aspect of Longhi’s design and production. They exclusively use raw materials of Italian origin and their production is still largely manual, allowing for utmost precision and attention to detail. Contemporary in form and finish, Longhi furniture is characterized by clean lines and an uncompromising sense of comfort.

Founded in Italy in 1956, Rimadesio produces systems for subdividing internal spaces - doors, sliding panels, shelving units, and walk-in wardrobes - along with a collection of complementary furniture. Renowned for their smooth technical functionality and simplistic beauty, Rimadesio’s pieces combine style with enduring durability.

Synonymous with craftsmanship and creativity, Turri creates a broad range of luxury furniture that references the classical tradition. Founded in 1925, this Italian design house is a heavyweight in the industry with original products made from prestigious materials and high-quality artisanal finishes.

Based in Italy, Baxter is a family-run business lauded for their masterful craftsmanship of leather furniture. In pairing the finest leathers with age-old treatments and processing techniques, their distinctive line of sofas, armchairs, beds, and accessories encourage the continuity of craft in a contemporary context.

Luxury Italian furniture maker Promemoria is built on the motto ‘the handmade, the extraordinary, the exceptional.’ Every piece of furniture is a display of fine Italian craftsmanship, stemming from their artistic use of material and the family’s legacy of artistry and skill.

As a progressive Italian design brand, Cappellini advocates for a new international voice of contemporary design. Simple, bold, and eclectic, Cappellini works with an array of acclaimed international designers to produce innovative yet universal furniture for residential and commercial spaces.

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