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Christofle Paris

For Christofle, the Art of Living is indeed an Art: inventing a universe, taking pleasure in decorating a house, setting a table, sharing the good and the beautiful, and cultivating the happiness of every moment. Since 1830, Maison Christofle has created exceptionally elegant tableware, refined jewelry, and home accessories using traditional handcrafted techniques. The precious trades of turning-spinning, leveling, chasing and engraving perpetuated by its Master Goldsmiths and Meilleur Ouvrier de France immortalize the qualities of elegance and excellence of all Christofle pieces.

It is this irreplaceable human know-how of highly qualified craftsmen passed down from master to student that constitutes Christofle's living heritage. True “living treasures”, the Master Goldsmiths are the guardians of the durability and quality of Christofle's know-how. Today, Christofle remains faithful to the values that made it successful and which still resonate with the times.